Identity for an IT Company
Giving Factory Brand & Retail
Graphic and packaging for VR glasses
Brochure kit for a FT solution
Poster design for Pantos Logistics
KOTITI Brochure Set
Promotion design for the Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service

Hello! We are Xism Design.

We invent visual and spatial systems that support our clients' business initiatives, and create added value by bringing our improved communication tools and expertise.

Brand Identity

As well as a simple form of a symbol or a logo it can also include all the various applications of the brand expanded to packaging, sign systems, and retail.
We develop a unique identity, considering the environment of clients and markets and guide the proper scope and application time.

Graphic Design

We create new value by making graphics expressing unique visual language, incuding posters, brochures, advertising, key visuals, illustrations, and graphic user interface.
With the many experience of production of various types, we provide a most appropriate design for the environment of clients.

Visual + Spatial Integration

We make a great experience of integrating with visual and spatial in exhibitions, retails, VMD of shops, and so on.
Beyond the decorative level, we offer a wide range of strategic vision considering the behavior of users. You can get a strong brand image integrated with visual and spatial.